Saturday, 15 June 2013

Applicant: Valli

Saturday, 15 June 2013
I'm Valli, Vallipink on Flickr. I live in Worthing on the south coast of the UK. I'm 56 and play with dolls! I've been a doll collector for 10 years and started customizing them almost immediately. Reborns, then small BJDs, then 1/6 scale fashion dolls where I learned a lot more about customizing especially Obitsu, Volks and tiny Barbie babies, but I kept seeing these big heads, as I called them, with their huge eyes.

Three years ago I took the plunge and bought my first Blythe. She was a bait T42 without scalp. I didn't know anything about customizing Blythes, but I was keen to transform her. I researched everything everywhere I could. I practiced on a couple of Basaaks first. I wasn't as brave with carving then, but I loved everything about customizing. Orchid is still with me and will always be special.

I've been on a mad roll of customizing these last few months getting braver with carving, boggling and gaze correction. I decided to expand my skills and rooted my first full scalp. I have added colours before, but I really wanted a particular look for Liesl who was inspired by Gorjuss. I've just completed #10, Isla with the butterfly lids. I start out with a basic idea, but once I get the doll in front of me then the creativity flows. I love creating a whole theme right down to her charms, including clothes and detailed lids. As a beauty therapist, my make up training helps, but it's the endless possibilities that attract me to Blythes. She can be colourful, fun and quirky, which is how I'd sum up my style.

Past work

Welcome to Worthing pier on a beautiful Spring day Isla, still in stasis after a hair trim Kitten with her inspiration Thoughtful

Ideas for the Traveler 

If I were chosen to create a travelling doll, I'd like to base her on flowers with fantasy coloured hair in pink or red, but that's not guaranteed. I'm inspired in the moment so might choose another theme. It'll be hard to let her go, I'm sure, as I've never sold any. But it will be wonderful to see pictures of her travels. A little bit of me will definitely go with her. I create for myself and just hope others will enjoy what I do.

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  1. Great dolls, outfits and they are really ready to travel.