Saturday, 15 June 2013

Applicant: Suave Dolls

Saturday, 15 June 2013
My name is Myles and I'm from the UK. I have been customizing Blythe for around 5-6 months and have done a number of girls. I've recently just opened up commissions and thought this would be a really fun thing to do!

I'm known as Suave Doll, I have a page on Facebook which is strictly doll customizing and also a Flickr'stream which is a mix of my personal collection and my customized girls too!

My girls can range from sweet to grumpy to even vampires and monsters! I'll happily work on TBLs, genuine or factory! I think they're all Blythe to me.

Past work

Suave Doll photo 935561_367731123335909_1685059437_n_zps44646ad5.jpg Suave Doll photo 600774_367325170043171_783963128_n_zps4f60d895.jpg Suave Doll photo 577785_349094635199558_670383534_n_zps922acf2a.jpg Suave Doll photo 407133_365372776905077_1315834787_n_zps6c025765.jpg

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