Saturday, 15 June 2013

Applicant: Duckie Monster

Saturday, 15 June 2013
I'm Sara (Duckie Monster on Flickr), I'm tobogganing towards 30 a little faster than I would probably like and I live in a leafy South Wales village with my long-suffering boyfriend, our two cats and a family of two Makies, 9 Blythes* and a cute little Beastlie called Batson. When I'm not faffing around with my rapidly growing Blythe collection, I work as a doctor at a local district hospital.

It's been a bit of a precipitous drop into the Blythe side of things. My first girl arrived on my birthday last year (25th October) and the others have come along with astonishing speed! I've completed five customs now, and only just feel that I'm starting to hit my stride and find my style. I'm most proud of my bait-to-beauty makeovers, where I've taken partially customised rejects which have been abandoned in drawers for years and given them a new lease of life.

I love working with the girls, they let me combine sewing, painting, design and photography and have given me a group of superb friends to share things with. I've also managed to keep a blog running nearly for a year cataloguing my misadventures! It's at and it even updates pretty regularly!

Past work

Plum Spam Number 8
Numbers 5 and 6 Elin

Ideas for the Traveler

I'd love this girl to see as much of the world as possible. She'll be a little hippy-style traveller, with a gorgeous mixed fantasy-colour (possibly braided?) hairdo, some seriously chilled-out clothing, a little backpack covered in travel patches, a camera and (most importantly) a small-sized notebook. In the notebook, I'd like her hosts/hostesses to collect a couple of current local stamps and jot down the country that they're from wherever she goes to stay. As she travels, she'll build up a brilliant stamp collection that she can enjoy for the rest of her life, and her new owner will have a pretty little keepsake to enjoy. Goes without saying that she'll have some funky colourful make-up, 4 sets of hand-painted eyechips and glittery glittery eyelids!

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