Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Verne - the Traveler by kassandra's box

Tuesday, 27 August 2013
 photo TravellerVerne002_zps82490a33.jpg

 photo TravellerVerne003_zps28a8fd80.jpg

 photo TravellerVerne001_zps41a22082.jpg

Verne's Traveling Route:

Spain, Gijon kassandra's box
01 Sep  USA, Grand Rapids sea95lion Pictures
02 Sep  USA, New York City Mine is clouds... Pictures
03 Oct USA, Plainsboro Paula R. Pictures
04 Nov USA, Portland rhubsknit Pictures
05 Nov USA, Richfield Pixiepoo Pictures
06 Dec USA, New York City*hollychan2 Pictures
07 Dec USA, Fountain Hills Rella345 Pictures
08 Jan USA, Altadena mismatchfusion Pictures
09 Jan USA, Santa Monica Smeebot Pictures
10 Feb China, Beijing anniedollz Pictures
11 Feb UK, Birmingham kittenlash Pictures
12 Apr Ireland, Midleton *dollinka* Pictures
13 Mar Germany, Hamburg yulah*b Pictures
14 Mar Germany, Essen  Tina-in-Blytheland Pictures
15 Apr France, Sceaux and Paris amloro16 Pictures
Spain, Gijon kassandra's box

* Visiting Blythecon in New York City

James - the Traveler by Saience

 photo 9590295800_8650cee151_z_zpsb429ea3b.jpg 
 photo mosaic71194242bc1e6797c1639d68d45525a619bb3773_zps4ee9c2a9.jpg
 photo 06_pullcharm_zps8b878375.jpg

James' Traveling Route:

Germany, Saarbrücken Saience
01 Sep  Germany, Wehr and Greiz Schneckiene Pictures
02 Sep  UK, Birminghamd and London GillyB15 Pictures
03 Oct USA, Chicago * Maudib05 Pictures
04 Nov USA, Pineville Kawaii Kandy Pictures
05 Nov Canada, Calgary endangered sissy Pictures
06 Dec Canada, Barrhead JoyLeonard Pictures
07 Dec Australia, York Georgina's Dolls Pictures
08 Jan Australia, Wynnum Jayne_K/kaechan-love Pictures
09 Jan Australia, Brisbane JennWrenn Pictures
10 Feb Australia, Upper Coomera Tabs Dollies Pictures
11 Feb Australia, Cranebrook Little Strawbs Pictures
12 Mar Australia, Burwood stardust Pictures
13 Mar Australia, Melbourne Lou Pictures
14 Apr Spain, Gijon Kassandra's Box Pictures
15 Apr Italy, Giglio Island and Firenze Love_cats Pictures
16 May  Germany, Ostfildern omgdolls Pictures
Germany, Saarbrücken Saience

* Visiting Blythecon in New York City

Nimbus - the Traveler by Pixiepoo

 photo DSC_0043_zpsc30ad82a.jpg  photo NimbusCollage_zpsae2a7a51.jpg  photo DSC_0039_zpsf728fef6.jpg

Nimbus' Traveling Route

USA, Richfield Pixiepoo
01 Sep USA, Vernal Blytheographer Pictures
02 Sep  USA, Elmhurst liddlebutton Pictures
03 Oct  USA, Chino Hills* Annie's Wonderland Pictures
04 Oct  UK, Worthing Valli Pictures
05 Nov  Spain, Vigo La Chica del Lunar Pictures
06 Nov Belgium, Munsterbilzen mustang_sally Pictures
07 Dec Germany, Saarbrücken Saience Pictures
08 Jan Germany, Hamburgblomquist Pictures
09 Dec Austria, Vienna minkidynamite Pictures
10 Jan Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur Avalie Pictures
11 Feb Japan, Tokyo Coco Belle Blythee
12 Feb Japan, Kanie-cho blythe-chan
13 Mar USA, Corydon Samantha Snyder1 Pictures
14 Apr USA, Grand Rapids bramlet6
15 Apr USA, Baltimore crazybirdie
USA, Richfield Pixiepoo

* Visiting Blythecon in New York City

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Available hosting spots for Europe and Asia!

Tuesday, 6 August 2013
-- Breaking News --

The traveling Blythe's project is on the search for hosts from European and Asian regions!

More information on how to sign up here.

Monday, 5 August 2013

We are happy to introduce: Kassandra's box!

Monday, 5 August 2013
The new round of "The traveling Blythes" will kick off soon: the sign-ups started and everyone is anxious to see who our new travelers will be! While we are still working on the perfect travel routes, we will use the opportunity to present our three customizers of round 4.

We already introduced Christy from Pixiepoo and Rebecca from Saience, today we will present you our third customizer of the fourth round: Kass from Kassandra's box (see her Flickr)!

♥ Could you please tell us a few words about yourself?

Im a girl who lives with her family in northern Spain. Some cats and a golden retriever are part of our family too. I love anything related to dolls, children books and architecture. Painting is one of my biggest passions. Maybe that's why Im so fond of customizing dolls. It brings the best of both worlds to me.

♥  Please tell us a little bit about where you live.

I live in north Spain, in a region called Asturias. Its surprisingly green and mountainous here since most people think Spain is kind of a dry land. Im in love with this area, there are the most amazing Atlantic ocean beaches along the coastline. There are lots of ancient Atlantic forests that turn to be like a dream when autumn comes . People are so friendly and warm here. Asturias has been an isolated region in Spain after being surrounded by high mountains. I dont think there's a better place in the entire world!

♥  How and when did you discover Blythe?

The first time I heard of Blythe dolls was over three years back. My sister asked me to see some pics she has found in the internet. She knew how much I loved dolls and children books illustrations so she thought I might like to see some amazing pics of this doll. These pics made me curious and got me looking for info in the internet that night. I couldn't stop knowing more about Blythe ever since.

♥  How did you start customizing and where does the name Kassandra's box come from? 

My sister got her first girl a couple of years back. As soon as she arrived home we got her head opened, it took about 10 more minutes to get her eyechips removed. I got some sandpaper and pastels and I started trying new things on her... and that's it! For the first two months we kept storing Blythe bits in a huge box at home. My sister used to call it my box, meaning Kassandra, that's why it didnt take long to pick a name for our flickr Blythe photostream. My sister suggested Kassandra's box since it made both of us to smile.

♥ What are your projects with Kassandra's box in 2013?

So many projects for this year. I want to start designing doll houses, it's a very challenging project to me. I also think of making some special girls for later in this year. So many new things to try yet!

♥  Why did you decide to take part in the Traveling Blythes project?

I started seeing pics of the Traveling Blythe Project a year and a half ago, firstly it amazed me the amount of places these girls have visited but short after it stroke me how these wonderful dolls have brought people together. It was like being part of a big-doll-family all around the world. It was the best way to meet doll-friends, to see the places they lived in through their pics and so on. I just wanted to be part of it. After hosting the stunning Compass (Happibug custom) I had no doubts about wanting to be part of the next Travelling season. I had the best time with Compass.

♥  Do you like cheese?

I do adore cheese! I seriously consider myself being Minnie Mouse's lost twin.

♥  What is the most challenging with customizing a Blythe doll?

Maybe giving a new girl a soul is the most challenging part of customizing a Blythe doll. It's overwhelming to see a new girls face because the girls look alive. Anyway the most challenging thing is to tell anyone at home they rather dont talk to me while Im carving, it seems they find the carving thing the most mesmerizing thing on Earth! Bringing out the girls souls is part of my photographic work. Taking pics is not the hardest side of customizing a doll, for me it's the other way round. Love it.

♥  Who is your favorite Traveler from the past rounds of the traveling Blythes?

 I have no doubts, for me it's Compass by Happibug. I love every Traveller, all of them are some of the prettiest dolls I have ever seen but I can't help myself I have a crush on little Compass.

 photo TravellerBox005_zpsb98826f6.jpg

♥  What will your Traveler be like?

I aim her to be a happy girl, with a happy face and a warm smile, someone you would like to travel with. A doll with a light heart. Im doing my best to make her look pretty for her hosts!