Saturday, 15 June 2013

Applicant: Kalashniköv

Saturday, 15 June 2013
I'm Kalashniköv, I love working with blythes, baits or rescue girls specially. I like to do crazy stuff with epoxy, crazy stuff painting their face, and freckles, if we're talking natural faceup! I also like tattooing them from time to time, and I'm trying my hand at handmade eyechips! It would be so sweet! if one of my girls would travel the world... Anyway! I guess I should tell you something about me? I'm from Spain, this year I'll be 20, I have an evil pet bunny named Macbeth, and a loving boyfriend with a hand for taking eyemechs out. I started customizing blythes roughly a year and a half ago, but these last months my activity has risen a bit, and I feel like I'm starting to find my own style. I also sculpt dolls, own and customize BJDs and MHs, and love alternative fashions and DIY. I love making tutorials on things (though, my webcam was eaten by a certain bunny of doom and I'm still trying to get a new one to make more blythe tutorials!), because I believe that knowledge should be free, or at least, widely avaliable.

If you'd like to see some examples of my latest work, I usually try and update my flickr (here) a lot.

Past work

Kalashnik photo 8741801116_7a293497ba_o_zpsa057e014.jpg Kalashnik photo 8741225925_4460eca642_o_zpsa9b85838.jpg  photo 8688940844_97a35966b8_zpse15b576e.jpg Kalashnik photo 8689069826_807ab301d3_b_zpsa589190f.jpg

Ideas for the Traveler

Kalashnik photo candidatura_zpse1385146.jpg

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