Saturday, 15 June 2013

Applicant: Saience

Saturday, 15 June 2013
Hello! I'm Sai / Rebecca from Germany and I've been customizing Blythe for myself and close friends since 2009. You can see my custom work here.

I can't say that I specialize in anything so far, since I haven't done *that* many dolls yet, but I do like natural lip carving, nostrils, natural face ups and Licca arm transplants (I love bendable arms, but I just can't stand Licca's weird chest and feet).

Past work

Full Custom Commission #2 Finja encore Work in Progress Full Custom Commission #7

Ideas for the Traveler

For the next Traveling Blythe project I'd like to create a doll with blue hair, since we didn't have one so far. She'd be inspired by the river Danube and Rainy Day London Dunny. Since there are not that many blue haired Takara Blythe dolls in the market and a reroot would be too costly I'd opt for a TBL doll with a light blue scalp (similar to Neo Blythe Ayanami Rei). Of course I'd switch to an original Takara Blythe body with Licca arms.

I hope you like my work and idea!

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