Saturday, 15 June 2013

Applicant: Avalie

Saturday, 15 June 2013
I'm Avalie, Australian but currently staying in Malaysia. I started customising last year in 2012, and have only done about 10 Blythes so far because of my studying and working schedule. I have always liked to draw, paint and sculpt, but somehow I ended up studying something else completely different to Art. While I used to find customising daunting, it has become enjoyable for me. :) I have 7 dolls in my collection. 3 stocks, 3 customs and a Kenner. ^_^

Past work

shimmery powder over philtrum and nose

Ideas for the Traveler

I plan to do a smiley girl. I won't be adding teeth or anything extravagant, because frankly with my skills, I have not reached that level of carving yet. As for clothing style I personally like high school nerdy fashion with pullover sweaters and skirts. Something like Miss Yo's dolls. My ideas aren't anything super, I just want to do a normal girl. ^_^;;; But I may dye her hair a little to make her special.

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