Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Verne - the Traveler by kassandra's box

Tuesday, 27 August 2013
 photo TravellerVerne002_zps82490a33.jpg

 photo TravellerVerne003_zps28a8fd80.jpg

 photo TravellerVerne001_zps41a22082.jpg

Verne's Traveling Route:

Spain, Gijon kassandra's box
01 Sep  USA, Grand Rapids sea95lion Pictures
02 Sep  USA, New York City Mine is clouds... Pictures
03 Oct USA, Plainsboro Paula R. Pictures
04 Nov USA, Portland rhubsknit Pictures
05 Nov USA, Richfield Pixiepoo Pictures
06 Dec USA, New York City*hollychan2 Pictures
07 Dec USA, Fountain Hills Rella345 Pictures
08 Jan USA, Altadena mismatchfusion Pictures
09 Jan USA, Santa Monica Smeebot Pictures
10 Feb China, Beijing anniedollz Pictures
11 Feb UK, Birmingham kittenlash Pictures
12 Apr Ireland, Midleton *dollinka* Pictures
13 Mar Germany, Hamburg yulah*b Pictures
14 Mar Germany, Essen  Tina-in-Blytheland Pictures
15 Apr France, Sceaux and Paris amloro16 Pictures
Spain, Gijon kassandra's box

* Visiting Blythecon in New York City


  1. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! LOOK AT THAT BEAUTIFUL GIRL!!! I am so excited that Verne will be visiting us in December.......it's a beautiful time of year here and I will be taking her to a few of my favorite places..........Snow, Cadence, and Rainah are very excited and are already making plans.....Thank you so much for this wonderful experience.....Thank you, Kass, for creating such a gorgeous girl. xoxox Rella

  2. OMG !!!! And she will be there for my birthday !!!!!! She is so beautiful !!!! <3

  3. She's gorgeous! I am so excited to see her in person and honored to be her first host!

  4. ...she is quite lovely. I am sure she will bring her hosts much pleasure in their time with her :) And congratulations again in being chosen to create a Traveller. They are very special girls :)

  5. Do you want any of the girls to come to New Caledonia again?? I am happy to fill a spot if it works and are still free. Angelique

  6. Besides all the photos already on flickr in the group It's A Small World. I have just sent 9 photos for you to choose from Sandra for the blog. Let me know if you need anything more from me.