Friday, 5 July 2013

How to sign-up!

Friday, 5 July 2013
If you are interested in hosting one of the Traveling Blythes, please read the FAQ and send your answers to the questions below to thetravelingblythe [at] gmail [dot]com. The sign-up period ends when we have planned a good traveling route for our three girls!

Please note that host spots are NOT distributed on the basis of "first come, first served". Most important to this project is a balanced traveling route, featuring a high diversity of destinations from all over the globe. Unlike previous rounds, you can also apply if you have already have been a host in a past round!

Basic requirements to be a host:
minimum 16 years of age
no unresolved bad dolly deals
willing to take on responsibility

!! All hosting spots for USA, Australia and Germany are booked. You can sign up for a waiting list. 

!! We need more hosts from Asian countries and European countries (besides Germany)! 

2013/14 Traveling Blythe Host Application Form:

Full Name:
Blythe Username:
Location (Town/City and Country):
Link to online profile (eg. Flickr, Ipernity, Facebook, BK etc.):
Have you already been a host within this project? If so, which Traveler did you host?
Have you read and understood the FAQ? Yes/No
Do you accept the stated responsibilities of being a host and the potential risks related to the project? Yes/No
Critical dates that you will be unable to host (the journey starts September 2013 and will potentially complete August 2014):
Are you willing to ship internationally? Yes/No
Are you willing to host a Blythe that includes (fake) TBL parts? Yes/No
Do you give permission to allow 5 pictures of your hosting time to be shared publicly on this blog? Yes/No
Are you able to pay the contribution fee of $25USD within 7 days of being accepted as host? Yes/No
The customizers for the 2013/14 Traveling Blythe adventure are Kassandra's Box, Saience and Pixiepoo. Please state your preferred customizer*:

*To avoid disappointment, kindly note that NO absolute promises can be made on your final designated Traveler. If your interest is limited only one specific customizer's Traveler, please don't sign up!

Thank you for your support and interest. Good luck!


  1. how do you fill out the form and email it? or just post here (but will others see your info?

  2. The easiest way would be to copy/paste the questions to the email you are sending. It is not advised to post them here as comment as others indeed can read it.