Who is the project organiser?
After taking a backseat during the majority of 2012's round, Sandra Muellner (aka. MinkiDynamite) will be stepping forward once more as chief project organiser for 2013. You can read more about her involvement in this interview with Fanny Zara, aka Mademoiselle Blythe.

Which Blythes will be chosen?
We will leave this up to the customizers. If you are interested in signing up as a host, please be aware that the doll can be a Blythe, TBL or factory doll (or parts of it). The artists will be given a dolly budget to work their magic with. They have offered to donate their time and skills to our project.

I like Blythes stock! Why do they have to be customized?
We thought it may be a good idea to have very unique girls traveling the world. They will be featured in photos for at least a year, so they should be easily recognizable. We are not expecting the worst if one of the girls does disappear, it would be more difficult to sell a custom doll.

What costs are involved for participants?
Each participant host will be required to pay $25USD to cover costs associated with the project. These costs include the dolls, a few accessories to start them off, and shipping to the customizers. A portion also goes towards helping with long distance shipping charges that can cost more (these will be predetermined), and to send the girl to her permanent home once she has been raffled off (see below for details). If there are any unused funds at the end this project it will go towards purchasing something for the dolls or towards a future round of this project. We don’t expect to have any funds left over as this is for fun, not to make money!

Who has to pay for shipping?
Each participant host has to pay for shipping (inc. tracking and insurance) their Traveler forward to the next host in line. For larger international shipments (which will be predetermined) we will refund part of the costs from our community fund via PayPal. We ask all participants choose a method of shipping that is as close to 7–9 business days as possible as we would like to keep this moving smoothly and quickly for everyone. Once the doll is shipped, it is mandatory the shipping number is provided to the organizer.

How long does a Traveler stay with their host?
We have planned a 10 day stay. The doll must be shipped on or as close to the 11th day. Understandably, the post office is closed sometimes. We as organizers will make sure to keep in contact with the sender and the receiver so we know where the doll is at all times and whether to expect any delays.

Can I add goodies to the Traveler’s suitcase?
It is usual practice that the host puts two post cards or notes into the box. One is for the next host and the other stays in the box to eventually go to the raffle winner. Some people also put a small trinket in for the next host (eg. a personalised Empire State license plate key chain, local artisan-made pendant, or momento snow globe) and a gift that stayed with the Traveler. If so, please only add one small item such as a dress, pair of shoes or stockings to the Traveler's luggage. Thank you!

What are the obligations for participants?
Everyone who decides to join the project, has at least a 3 week obligation. Please keep in mind that you must have time to communicate with the organizers, to pick the Traveler up from the post office, to unpack her, to take good photos of her, to pack her safely up again, and to bring her back to the post office. Furthermore, you have to stay in contact with the organizers before the Traveler will be shipped to you. We won’t let the doll be shipped to you if you don’t give the okay a week before. If you do not respond to messages sent to the email address used to sign up with, you will be removed from the hosting list and will loose your participation fee. Another obligation is to provide 5 pictures from your hosting period to be presented at this blog. Your obligation ends when the host after yours has received the doll. This will be stressful! Please think carefully about this before you sign up!

What risks are there? What if something happens to the dolls?
We can’t and won’t hold anybody legally responsible for loss or destruction. This is one of the risks you are taking when joining this project. You could loose your payment of $25USD and the chance of winning the Traveler in the raffle (see below for details). This whole project is big and of course we hope that nothing bad will happen, but it may. Again, please consider this carefully before signing up!

Do we need a fancy camera to take part?
Definitely not! We only ask you take lots and lots of photos and share them with the community. Photo ideas can include the Traveler meeting the host's other girls, visiting historic monuments, going to the park to have a picnic, trying on new outfits, and so on. The possibilities are endless - please get creative!

What happens at the end of this project?
Once all dolls have travelled to their final route host we will hold three live raffles (using Random.org) to determine which of their specific hosts will be their final owner. This way all participating hosts get the bonus opportunity to win their particular Traveler at the end of the project.

This sounds so much fun! Can I participate?
The sign up period for hosting started July 6th and ended August 26th 2013. The traveling routes for the 4th round now have been set. We will keep an waiting list for the case of sudden drop outs. Please send an email if you are interested to get on the list. Thank you for your interest and support!