This project began in November 2009 when two special Blythe dolls customised by Vainilladolly and Sammydoe packed their bags and headed out to explore the world and meet special people along the way. Since then each year a bunch of customisers and lots of hosts all over the world joined a new round of The Traveling Blythes: It's a Small World.

We have already had the pleasure to work with Vainilladolly and Sammydoe with Sabrina Eras, Frankie Darling, and G Baby for round 2, and Happibug, ChantilyLace/Moofala and Kaleidoscope Kustoms for round 3, all who volunteered their time and talent to this community project.

With round 4 (2013-14) we wanted some of the lesser known customisers to have the opportunity of customising a Traveler. Again we will have three Travelers. While one - Kassandra's Box - had already been chosen, two positions were open and were decided through a poll.

The applicants were Duckie Monster, Valli, Suave Dolls, Kalashniköv, Avalie, Pixiepoo, and Saience. The latter two were chosen through a email-voting.

On August 27th all three Travelers and their routes were presented:

Verne by kassandra's box
Nimbus by Pixiepoo
James by Saience

To keep up to date with events as they happen, here are some of the ways you can follow the 2013 adventures:

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